Don’t Install That Plugin!

October 24, 2016By Bryan ChapelSecurity, Wordpress

At least, not before you’ve done your due diligence. We’ve all been there. You need a quick solution to a feature you, or a client, want to add to a website. So you hit up the WordPress plugin repository, or a site like Envato Market, find one that seems like a good fit, and click … Read More

So, The Internet Broke On Friday…

October 24, 2016By Bryan ChapelNews, Security

Some of you may be confused about what exactly happened this week when you heard that the internet was under attack, and maybe you noticed you couldn’t access certain sites like Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, Paypal, or Amazon. Let’s clear things up. The problems were caused by a technique called a distributed denial of service, or … Read More

Who is Chase Mountains?

April 28, 2016By Alejandra Chapel-HerreraCase Studies

Welcome to the blog of Chase Mountains, a small web and graphic design company run by Bryan and Alejandra Chapel-Herrera. We have a diverse set of skills that we can use to help your business grow. Alejandra’s experience in design and Bryan’s knowledge of web development make for an effective one-two punch to get your … Read More