Welcome to the blog of Chase Mountains, a small web and graphic design company run by Bryan and Alejandra Chapel-Herrera. We have a diverse set of skills that we can use to help your business grow. Alejandra’s experience in design and Bryan’s knowledge of web development make for an effective one-two punch to get your business seen and your message heard.

What We Do

We have a wide range of skills and have performed a diverse range of jobs for our clients. From video and audio editing, translation services, branding, advertisement design, and ecommerce and marketing sites. Our diverse backgrounds and interests, and our desire for new challenges, make

What’s In A Name?

You may be asking yourself, “What’s with the name?” Well, when we were trying to pick a name for our company, we took a look around at some of the most well known companies in our industry and found agencies with names like 72 & Sunny, Elephants and Ants, Moosylvania, Big Spaceship, The Barbarian Group, and Hello Viking. We noticed two things: 1) their names were creative and, 2) most of the time, their names held a personal meaning.

So we white boarded, and white boarded, and white boarded some more trying to think of a name that met those two criteria. We decided on Chase Mountains because, to us, it’s the perfect analogy for setting and achieving our goals. Famed author Neil Gaiman gave an excellent commencement address, and in it he spoke of not really having a career plan so much as imagining his goals as a mountain in the distance. Anytime he needed to make a tough decision, he asked himself if his choice would bring him closer to the mountain, and he chose accordingly.

Alejandra’s family has a saying, “Life is a mountain, and we’re all climbing together. When one of us stumbles, we help them back up and we continue to the top.” This is not only a great family philosophy, but a great business strategy as well.

As a marketing company, we’re on this climb with our clients. If our client stumbles, we need to help them get back up and on a path to growth. If our client doesn’t make progress, neither do we.

So, What’s This All About?

In addition to our web and graphic design services, we also want to be a regular resource small businesses can turn to for ideas on how to market themselves digitally. In the coming months this blog will fill up with articles full of tips and how-to’s on all things digital marketing.

Thank you for checking us out. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. As always, you don’t have to be a client we jut want to share our knowledge with you so that together we can grow.