Logo and Brand Identity

Rock River EMS came to us seeking a logo that could tie together existing branding materials in order to create a cohesive identity. RR EMS had already purchased ambulances, uniforms and patches but had not been able to find or create the right logo or identity for branding. They needed us to create a logo and brand identity that pulled from the already purchased items.


After getting to know them better we learned that they wanted the community to see them as: strong, trustworthy, progressive and professional. Taking this in to account, and after some sample logos we focused the two logos noted in the slide. From there, we developed the final brand identity and logo you see below. The brand identity is strong, modern, and professional and the colors (blue, gray orange and black) invoke trust, energy/movement, and stability. The illustration mimics the design of both the ambulance and patch while still playing off the word river from their name and geographic location (Rockford, Illinois).

Rock River EMS was happy with the final product and felt that their new brand identity helped bring everything they had been working on together.