Om Energy Meditation

Om Energy Mediation is a holistic wellness center that was in need of a logo and collateral. During a meeting to discuss the needs of OEM, I found that she was partial to the lotus flower due to it’s significance in the Buddhist religion, its symbolism of rebirth and enlightenment, and because it held personal meaning to her. When we discussed colors, she noted the color of her current work space. She had deep purple walls and she found that they were relaxing, calming and warm. The owner also wanted the logo to depict energy and movement as a way to show balance and harmony.

After a few concepts we felt that this design encompassed the essence of her business and who she was. The purple set a warm and calming mood, while the contrasting yellow and the lotus’ burst strokes are energetic, but still in harmony with the rest of the design.

This collateral is rich, awake, warm, inviting and designed to grow with the company.